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Thread: Cylinder Head in 95 eclipse n/t....

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    Question Cylinder Head in 95 eclipse n/t....

    I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS n/t with a 420a engine with 4cyl automatic with 107,000 miles on it. I just recently found out my cylinder head cracked and antifreeze was leaking in the engine which we all know not good haha. So the question is how do you take the cylinder head off never did it before and have no idea what i am doing, do i need special tools to use. I have talking the valve cover off before but nothing really more then that, also when i do this i know the oil is kinda milk shake color cause of the antifreeze how do i clean the engine to get that stuff out thanks hope some one can help me thanks again great website. I don't have the book if I had the money I would buy one.
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    I can certainly understand being short on cash - lots of us are in that boat right now. BUT - the job you are about to do is quite involved, and if you make a mistake (like not getting the valve timing right when you put it back together), you could bend your valves, possibly ruin pistons, etc. For the cost of the Haynes manual, you could prevent yourself from making a mistake that might cost you over $1000 to fix.

    As far as flushing then engine, drain out the milkshake that's in there now and install a new filter, and when you get the engine back together, fill it with the proper amount of oil, run it for awhile, then change the oil and filter again. You'll also want to drain the engine coolant and flush the cooling system with water (Chapter 1 in the Haynes manual explains how to do that).

    Thanks for visiting the site, but please get the manual so you don't wind up spending even more money that you don't want to!

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