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Thread: 02 Dodge Durango 4.7 Coolant problem

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    Question 02 Dodge Durango 4.7 Coolant problem

    After 125,000 miles I've replaced my radiator, cap, top and lower hoses, thermostat, and water-pump. My temp gauge reads mid to just below mid gauge, the problem is that to much coolant is being dumped into the reservoir and pours out he overflow valve. Question: Could this be an intake manifold gasket or could it be a blown head gasket? P/S I just changed my oil and did not see any milky residue that would indicate a blown head gasket Please reply ASAP


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    If it never overheated before, you may have an air pocket that needs to still be blead out or the new radiator cap is wrong or defective. If it overheated before you may want to do a block check to see if the gaskets are blown. The checker is available from most autoparts stores or your local Mac tools dealer.

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