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Thread: Dodge Intrepid 2001 Model

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    Question Dodge Intrepid 2001 Model

    Question: I bought this car used. It has power door locks and a power trunk lid opener (I push a button and the trunk lock pops open). I have looked into purchasing a remote for keyless entry, but when I tried to research what was available, all the vendors said that theirs wouldn't work if the car didn't have a factory installed RKE. I looked in the haynes manuel I have for this model, but the only info I found on the subject of rke was how far away from the car it should work, and if it didn't change the battery or replace the remote. The question is this: Is there a rke infrared receiver somewhere in the car, and if so, where would it be located? is it a module, or a sensor, or a fuse, etc? how can I tell if is factory installed or not?

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    Hi Chuck,

    Remote keyless entry is standard equipment IF your Intrepid is an ES or R/T model; otherwise it could have been ordered as an option (RPO AJF, if you have the original build sheet for the car). The rke module, if equipped, is located between the junction block and the body control module, under the driver's side of the instrument panel. The only way to tell if your car is equipped with this would be to remove the junction block/body control module and see if the rke module is attached to it (it's secured by three screws). Maybe the dealer has an easier way of finding out (perhaps with a DRB scan tool?)

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