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Thread: 1995 Mitsubishi Galant Transmission Problem

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    Default 1995 Mitsubishi Galant Transmission Problem

    1995 Mitsu Galant w/auto trans. With the overdrive in on position the trans shifts in and out of gear erratically. With the switch off it works fine. Any suggestions? The manual doesn't cover trans problems. Thanks

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    Hi BigB10774,

    First thing to check would be fluid level. Then check to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer. Anything deeper than that should be checked out by a transmission specialist. It could be something external, like a speed sensor, but it could be an internal problem like the torque converter clutch or rear clutch pack. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, you can do the removal and installation of the transaxle yourself, leaving the teardown of the trans for the transmission shop (if that's necessary). Of course, you should discuss how that would affect the warranty on their repair before deciding to do this.

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