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Thread: about keyless entry

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    Talking about keyless entry

    Hi eveyone and admin.

    I think you guys (admin) do a great job.Kudos to you!.
    To the question. Civic 2001 coupe EX, I bought it and did not came with the keyless entry remote, I was thinking in buying one and just to check, does all civic cars are keyless entry enable?? I just don't want to buy the keyless remote and find out that the car is no enable to do that.

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    Hi again, byucar,

    According to the 2001 Kelley Blue Book new car price manual, the keyless entry system was a feature that the 2001 Civic EX was equipped with.

    In addition to the remote (transmitter), the system uses a receiver located behind the instrument panel/radio area, and a multiplex control unit which is integral with the under-dash fuse/relay box. Since your Civic is an EX, you should be able to buy a remote, program it, and have a working keyless entry system! The programming operation is kind of involved, but the parts salesperson at your Honda dealer might be able to help out with that.

    Have a great weekend!

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