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Thread: 2002 Dodge Neon engine removal

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    Default 2002 Dodge Neon engine removal

    Hi! I found out that there's low compression in 3 cylinders-mechanic removed the head, it checked out fine-said rings have to be replaced. So, we're planning to do a rebuild. In your manual it states the manufacturer says engine and transaxle must be removed as a unit and it has to be taken out from under the vehicle. It states a frame contact hoist must be used to lift the vehicle. I was wondering are these hoists usually available for rental or is this something that can't be done by the home mechanic?

    I would also like you to know, we rebuilt 2 engines about 10 years ago and used the Haynes manuals for both. They have 300,000 miles between them and still have no problems!

    Thanks for all your help!

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    motoguzzi7 - Thanks for the compliment. Were glad we make a manual that can help. The type of frame-contact hoist we (and the manufacturer) recommend is also known as a vehicle lift, like the kind you would find in an automotive repair shop or service station. It's really the only way to safely raise the vehicle high enough to pull the engine and transaxle out from underneath, once it's lowered to the floor. It's recommended to be removed from the bottom because its so tight between the fenders and most newer cars are like this. Just picture it as a large component bolted to the bottom of the unibody.

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