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Thread: Windshield washer pump

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    Default Windshield washer pump

    My 98 Honda Accords' windshield washer pump is not working. I have not found anything in the manual on how to test or replace.
    It would appear that I need to remove splashguard from below and/or near
    drivers' side tire.
    The manual has always saved me steps and unneeded removal of parts.
    Can someone give me the proper steps on this?

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    Beneking - Contact our research department at [EMAIL="research@haynes.com"]research@haynes.com[/EMAIL] and they will get you some additional information. When you contact them make sure you give them your vehicle infoarmation and the haynes manual number that you purchased. The number is located on the first page towards the bottom. It looks like this (1j3)-42034

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