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Thread: 1989 Jeep Cherokee Rattleing

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    Default 1989 Jeep Cherokee Rattleing

    I have a 1989 Jeep Cheorkee with a 4.0 6cyl and 4 wheel drive that started randomly rattling.. It does not do it very often while idling or parked. I does it once I get going 30-40mph and when it happens I hit the brakes it seems louder when slowing down. It sounds just like a bolt being struck by the metal radiator fan. I thought it was the water pump so I changed it all out. Still have the noise.. It is definitly an outside noise sounds like a metal part is about to be sheard off by a fan blade..I have gone through the trouble shooting of my Haynes book but do not see anything that is helpful.. Thanks..

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    Hi BuckyD,

    Noises can be difficult problems to track down. We really can't diagnose problems (especially noises) from a remote location, so you're going to have to keep looking. Is the noise engine speed related? If so, concentrate on the engine-mounted accessories. If it's vehicle-speed related, look at the wheels, brakes and drivetrain.

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