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Thread: '94 s10 blazer. thunking noise

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    Default '94 s10 blazer. thunking noise

    hello. i have a S10 4x4 blazer, when i make a left turn going at least 15mph i get a thunking noise (that sounds like metal on metal noise) coming from the front passenger tire area, you can also feel a slight thump (that is in sync with the thunking noise) in the passenger floor board. i have taken the tire off and i do not see any broken or grinding parts. i am not a mechanic and have only done some work on my own cars, but from what i can tell it does not look like the ball joints are bad.

    i am trying to figure out what is making the noise so i can fix it before it causes more damage. any suggestions and help much appreciated.

    thank you. mike

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    Exclamation adding to it

    just an update...dont know if this will help anyone think of the problem im having.

    i replaced both of the front shocks and it did help some, now i do not get the noise as much and it seems quieter.

    from looking at the manuals for my car i was wondering if the problem could be from my passenger side torsion bar that goes from the bottom "A" arm along the side of my car and mounts about half way back into a center main frame that is welded in between the two square shafts of my chassis, wondering if this adjustment part on the front could be bad, and causing it.?.?.?

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    Hi Mike,

    We really can't diagnose problems from a remote location, especially noises. Is the noise rhythmic, as if a rotating component is causing it (like a driveaxle) or is it happening over bumps (a bad stabilizer bar bushing could cause that)? Also check to make sure that the hub/wheel bearing assembly doesn't have play in it.

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