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Thread: 2006 kawasaki EX500 Ninja

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    Default 2006 kawasaki EX500 Ninja

    I realize that your most current book goes up to only 2005 but would i be able to use that book to work on my 2006 has that much really changed between the 2 models?

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    Hi Tleon,

    While our EX500 Ninja manual might get you through certain maintenance and repair procedures, we can't really recommend that you rely on it, since we haven't done the research to update it yet. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are notorious for making design/engineering changes, sometimes from model year to model year! So, you can either wait until we do update the manual, or obtain a genuine Kawasaki repair manual, which you can order from [***]www.repairmanual.com[/***].

    Thanks for your interest in Haynes manuals!

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