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Thread: 93 corolla intake

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    Default 93 corolla intake

    i noticed that when i take off the stock intake the car wont run without it being plug in to the sensor. im wanting to put an aftermarket intake on it. so what do i do with the sensor?

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    Hi 93rolla,

    You're referring to the sensor that's mounted in the air filter housing, right? That's the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, and yes, the engine management system needs the information from that sensor to calculate the proper amount of fuel to inject into your engine.

    So, if you're intent on installing a short-ram or cold air intake, you'll have to mount the IAT sensor in the new intake, or in the back of the new air filter, if it has a flange that's large enough to accept the sensor.

    Or, you could save yourself the trouble and expense and keep your stock air filter housing, and just install a high-flow filter element in it.

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