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Thread: there isnt much on my car

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    Question there isnt much on my car

    I bought a manual for info to my 2000 mitsubishi eclipse gt, but there are not very many diagrams and pics for my model and lots for the others. I took my motor apart a few months ago and only working on it when I got a chance so now putting it back together im trying to remember where certain things go behind and around the timing belt on the front of the motor. so if anyone has a pic or diagram of this or know where to get one please let me know.

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    2000gtle - Contact our research department at [EMAIL="research@haynes.com"]research@haynes.com[/EMAIL] and give them the Haynes manual number that you purchased. Its located on the first page towards the bottom next to the haynes logo. It looks something like this (2g5-43344). They will also need all the information on your vehicle.

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