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Thread: 1999 Suburban Brake fluid reservoir

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    Default 1999 Suburban Brake fluid reservoir

    Anyone know if this is removeable from the master cylinder. The 1999-2006 Haynes manual does not show this type of reservoir. I am guessing that the 1999 suburban is using a 1998 master cylinder that is not addressed by this manual. I have a leak between the reservoir and the brake cylinder and I can't seem to find how to remove the reservoir. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi popeye53,

    From what I can see in the factory service manual, the plastic reservoir is secured to the master cylinder with two roll-pins that must be driven out with a hammer and punch. This is a relatively typical setup these days. You might have to remove the master cylinder from the truck and mount it in a vise to get at these pins and drive them out. Once the reservoir is off, you'll find rubber O-rings that seal the reservoir to the master cylinder. The O-rings should be replaced and the reservoir should be inspected for cracks. The roll pins should also be replaced.

    By the way, I think you've got the wrong manual. Your 1999 Suburban is covered in Haynes manual #24065. From your description, it sounds like you've got manual #24066, which covers suburbans starting in 2000.

    Thank you for using Haynes manuals!

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