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Thread: 1989 Jeep Cherokee

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    Default 1989 Jeep Cherokee

    Hey ya'll.. New user with a question.

    I have an 89 Jeep with an Inline 6 that needs work but the Motor purrrs.. However it randomly quits. I was told it was the fast idle relay so I picked 1 up.. There is a bank of 4 relays on the left fender unlabled. My Haynes book makes a generic reference to them but I do not know which is which.. Any Ideas where I can get an Image or decent schematic ? Thanks

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    BuckyD -Contact our research department at [EMAIL="research@haynes.com"]research@haynes.com[/EMAIL] and give them the Haynes manual number that you purchased. Its located on the first page towards the bottom next to the Haynes logo. It looks something like this (2d8-34444). They will send you information that can help you identify all of your relays.

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