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Thread: C220 W202 1994 Mercedes Benz

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    Default C220 W202 1994 Mercedes Benz


    I got your manual & I have a few question not covered by the book:-

    (1) Page 1A.4 & 1A.5 :- Where is the Engine Starter & Oil Level Sensor?
    (2)Page 1A.7:- How to remove the oil fliter cap, do i need special tool?
    (3) Page 1A.15:-How to remove the wiring leading to spark plug?
    (4) Page 5B.3:-HT Lead connection, i notice my spark plug lead 2 & 3 are opposite of one another? Can this cause a problem? I assume the left side of the diagram is the coils & the right side is the spark plug.
    Finally I am trying to remove Wire Engine Harness & unable to access 3 wirings? Do I need to jack the car to access these wiring connectors?

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    rmt6668 - If you need more information please contact our Haynes UK offices via email [EMAIL="tech@haynes.co.uk"]tech@haynes.co.uk[/EMAIL] and they can help you.

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