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Thread: 2000 Grand Prix Blower Motor not working

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    Default 2000 Grand Prix Blower Motor not working

    The AC / Heat blower stopped working. The climate control panel does have power. Where should I start?

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    Hi anglerx007,

    Check for power to the blower motor with the fan control set on HI. If you have power at the blower motor connector, either the blower motor or its ground circuit is bad. You can apply power and ground to the blower motor terminals - if the blower doesn't work, then you know it is faulty.

    If those checks don't reveal the problem, email one of our tech service reps at [email]research@haynes.com[/email]. Give them all of the specifics about your vehicle, the manual you're using, and also the number on the title page, just to the right of the Haynes logo (the letter/number combination in parenthesis). They'll do what they can to help (just keep in mind that they can't do much on the diagnosis end of things from a remote location).

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