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Thread: 2001 towncar with wet carpet

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    Default 2001 towncar with wet carpet

    No, we haven't had rain, just a heavy dew on the car in the morning. It's been a couple of weekend since we've had rain but the passenger side carpet and mat are very damp. We've vacuumed it a few times and within a day or so it's wet again. Any ideas on where I can look to see if there is a leak? It doesn't smell like coolant or wiper fluid.

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    dasdingo - The A/C system has a drain tube that can become clogged and then the A/C case can fill with the condensation from the evaporator, which leaks through a seam in the case and ends up on your carpet.

    Your car is covered in Haynes manual no. 59010. There's a picture of it in Chapter 3, illustration 14.20.

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