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Thread: Wheel/hub bearing on 2002 Impala

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    Default Wheel/hub bearing on 2002 Impala

    I believe I have a hub bearing that is going on a 2002 Impala. The symptom is a whine/droan as the car turns to the left, particularly at speeds >45 MPH.

    To get at this, in sec. 10-8 of the manual I have, it says the first step is to break the driveaxle/hub bearing nut but gives no indication as to what size this nut is. It is significantly bigger than anything I have on hand, 1 3/16 was the biggest I think. I called a Chevy dealer and they said it was probably a 36 mm nut. Is this correct?

    Also in sec. 10-8, step 15 gives a rather stern warning about replacing three bolts, but in order to get them, I'll need to know what they are called? My guess from step 12 is that they are called the hub retaining bolts, but if I'm going to call the dealer I would like to know for sure.
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    Hi hero,

    We don't list fastener sizes for two reasons: 1), it would be a HUGE amount of work, and if we were wrong it might put someone in a jam, and 2), there's always the chance that the manufacturer might change the size of the fastener, or even the design (type) of the fastener over a production run, which could also put someone in a jam.

    As for the name of the bolts that you need, the description you gave will be adequate; they're the bolts that hold the hub and bearing assembly to the steering knuckle. The parts person will understand that, and will probably even let you look at the exploded view on the computer to confirm that they are indeed the ones you need.

    FYI - The manufacturer recommends that these be replaced because they are self-locking bolts, and are a bit of an interference fit in their holes. Once removed, they can be installed and tightened, but won't be as self-locking.

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    Ok, that makes sense. What about using lock-tite instead of getting new bolts?

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    iconolast hero - Don't recommend using loctite, as you could pull threads if you have to remove the bolts again. Also, since the manufacturer recommends replacing them, it's a liability issue.

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