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Thread: Installing timing chain sunfire 2.4

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    Default Installing timing chain sunfire 2.4

    I am changing the timing chain, cam gears and crank gear as well as tensioner and tensioner shoe. Looking at Haynes manual 38016 (chev. cavalier & pont. sunfire 1995-1999) on page 2B-7 it shows a picture of the tensioner shoe 7.13 and then below it how to reset it. Problem is the 2 pictures are completely different. You can't retract the shoe as they describe because it is not the shoe that is on this motor. I have read and studied how they show to install the chain but think maybe they are describing the 2.2 over head valve instead of the 2.4 dual over head cam. I am 55 and was a body shop mgr. for the local chevrolet dealership for 25 years, have had several drag cars and muscle cars that I did all the work on. I have always used these manuals for help, but am stumped this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good morning 69442dreamcar,

    That tensioner setup was used on the 2.3L OHC and 1997 and earlier 2.4L OHC engines, so you can ignore that step.

    If you ever feel like "donating" that '69 442, I can help!

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    Default 2.4 Pontiac

    I am building a 468 with Wiseco Pistons to replace the numbers matching 400 in the 442. And looking for 2 fenders, my son cut mine out while I was at work one day so his 22's off his 77 Lemans wouldn't rub on it. Fenders are not available for 69. Can you talk me thru how to install that timing chain? It says rotate the crank 90 degree's clockwise while lining up cams then back counter clockwise so as not to damage pistons are valves. When I do that it likes one tooth going back enough to line up crank gear with spot on block, feels like it is hitting against something. Also can you explain how they are talking about moving the intake cam gear without the line up bolt thru pulley then back to tighten timing chain? All help would be great. By the way you might like the 68 Mustang fastback with 351w and 4 speed toploader better than the 442 even though it was originally a 289 speed.

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    The crank only has to be rotated 90-degrees clockwise if a camshaft has to be rotated more than 1/8-turn in order to line up the alignment holes; doing so brings the pistons of cyls. 1 and 4 down (2 and 3 are already down, and will come up a little) so they are not in danger of contacting the valves. Once the cams are positioned properly, the crank can be turned counterclockwise to align the mark on the crank sprocket with its corresponding mark. I'm not sure why you're feeling like something is hitting.

    The alignment pin is removed from the intake camshaft sprocket to allow it to be turned counterclockwise just enough to mesh the chain with the sprocket; once the chain is installed over the sprocket, the cam can turn clockwise enough for the alignment pin to be inserted, and then there shouldn't be any slop between the intake and exhaust cam sprockets, or between the intake cam sprocket and the crank sprocket.

    Hope this helps. And sure, I'll take the Mustang! My mom had a '68 (new) - it wasn't a fastback and it had the straight-6, but she still kicks herself for getting rid of it.

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    Default 2.4 sunfire timing chain install

    I have never struggled this much, and not finally install it. I have the original motor out of the car that was using oil. I put it on a engine stand and still couldn't install the new timing chain with a helper. Any help out there please.

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