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Thread: Brake light switch for 2000 Chevy S10

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    Unhappy Brake light switch for 2000 Chevy S10

    I was having issues with my brake lights. I replaced the bulbs, the fuses, and now the brake light switch. I followed all instructions in the manual and my brake lights are still not working. Any suggestions.

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    Hi jvfierro: Chevy had problems with the wiring harness melting at the steering column. I would check the wires.

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    Hi, I'm having problems with my brake lights too on my 2000 S-10 xtreme. Everything was fine until my left brake light went out. At that time, my left turn signal would sometimes blink really fast (which I know was because the light was out), but it blinked fast at random times. So I replace the bulb, the blinking is back to normal, but my tail lights stayed on when I turned my car off. So I turn the car back on, fiddle with turning my lights on and pressing the brake pedal, and after a few tries the lights go off. So it was like this for about 2 weeks. Then starting this past weekend, they stay on ALL the time. So I have to carry around a socket wrench with me to disconnect my battery when I turn my car off. Oh and also, when I turn on my hazard lights, they are stuck or something and just sit there with both turn signals on, but it isn't flashing.
    Now that my story is done, what is wrong with my brake lights? I assume its in the wiring or a switch or something, but I don't have a wiring diagram for my truck.

    Edit: So tonight they were able to turn off without me disconnecting the battery. When I press on the brake pedal, they randomly stay on, so I tap the pedal some more and they eventually go off. The hazard lights also flash when the lights aren't on, but don't flash when the tail lights are stuck on. I think I might try to replace the brake light switch.
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    Default chevy s10 tail light problem stuck on

    Hi , I read your post. how did you resolve the problem? I am having the same issue, and am considering going out and disconnecting the battery

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