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Thread: 1998 Dodge Ram

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    Default 1998 Dodge Ram

    I own a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 and the heater does'nt get hot anymore (only luke warm). Not sure where to start.

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    Hi Strong,

    Using your Haynes manual, check the heater hoses. Start the vehicle and allow it to warm up. Once the engine is warm check for heat at the heater hoses. Switch the temperature controls to high heat, and you should have both hoses get warm. If they don't, you have a heater bypass valve that's not working or a plugged heater core.

    If both hoses get warm, the blend door in the HVAC unit under the dash is not opening. You could have a vacuum line that's disconnected, something that's dropped in the case, preventing the door from opening (candy, change etc..) or the control cable may have become disconnected.

    Be sure to get Haynes Manual #30041 to help with repairs.

    Thank you for your interest in Haynes manuals!

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    Default 1998 dodge

    Okay, the heater hoses get hot both sides. The door is opening in the mixer box. Everything was working okay until i change the radiator, i also changed the thermostat. The drivers side of the radiator get hot but the passanger side stays cool.not even enough pressure after driving 20 miles that the radiator cap cannot be removed.
    I give up
    what is the vacuum line for? I though this line just worked the defrost (default), vent or floor, not the mixer, i have a cable that opens the door.


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    richardmecom - Sounds like you have a plugged radiator. Which is not allowing the cooling system to flow. I would address that problem first then make sure all of the air is out of the cooling system.

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