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Thread: water pump replacemnt

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    Default water pump replacemnt

    Trying to replace a water pump on a 95 Nissan Pathfinder 4wd V6. Using Haynes manual 72030 we have completed section 3-8 to the point where we are trying to remove the vibration damper from the crankshaft (step 8). This refers us to section 2B-9. We have removed the pulleys but cannot remove the large (1 1/8") vibration damper bolt. The instructions say to wedge a pry bar between the flywheel/driveplate teeth to prevent the crankshaft from turning. We do not see any teeth at this point. Our suspicion is that we first must pull the smooth wheel that looks like figure 9.6. Is this possible before loosening the large bolt holding the vibration damper(we think this is what the smooth wheel is)? If not, how do we loosen the bolt without the smooth wheel turning?

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    Hi 95 Pathfinder,

    We agree that this can be a pain because the bolt can be very hard to remove. We have found using a large strap wrench to hold the pulley and long breaker bar works well. Sometimes however you need to use an impact gun in worst cases.

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