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Thread: starting problem

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    Unhappy starting problem

    My grand:mother has an 82 Lincoln Towncar that one morning wouldn't start. I could not get any spark from the coil to the distributor cap. I replaced the coil,coil wire,electronic module on the fender well, EIC relay and battery. I preformed all the ohm readings in my Haynes 59010 manual and they all checked normal. The coil will still not fire. I did a voltage test on the rd/lg wire where it connects to the coil and it only reads 7.6 volts. When you turn the switch on everything comes on(including the fuel pump)the engine rotates fine but no spark. The 59010 manual does not have a wiring diagram for this model year and I cannot find one any where. HELP!

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    Hi choctawfive,

    It sounds like you've done some good troubleshooting so far and eliminated several possible problems. My first thought is that the 7.6 volts you have to the coil is low and may be so low as to not allow the coil to fire. There could be a problem in the circuit, which might be as simple as a bad connection.

    Another thought is that you might have a bad timing chain. This is something often overlooked when there is an ignition problem and very easy to check. Pull off the distributor cap, crank the engine, and make sure you see the rotor spinning normally. If the timing chain is broken, you will not get a spark, due to the fact that the camshaft is not turning the distributor.

    Check these things, then, if you're still having difficulties, contact us at: [email]research@haynes.com[/email].

    Thank you for using Haynes manuals!

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