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Thread: Drive shaft (driver side)

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    Question Drive shaft (driver side)

    Have 2001 kia optima lx (which you don't seem to have a book for). Replacing the L h drive shaft because of bad cvc. How do you pull out the shaft out of trans. with the snap ring in place?????

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    Hi sequoyahboy,

    Those actually aren't snap-rings - they're retaining rings are made of spring steel wire. You should be able to pop the inner joint out of the transaxle with a large prybar. Here's a tip: When installing the driveaxle into the trans, make sure the gap in the retaining ring is facing down. That way, most of the retaining ring will be resting in the groove in the shaft, making it easier to pop the inner joint shaft back into the differential side gear.

    Hope this helps.

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