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Thread: 1999 Audi A4 A/C recharging

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    Default 1999 Audi A4 A/C recharging

    I have a question regarding recharging of the A/C system. The haynes manual shows in chapter 3, figure 12.21, that the system can be charged on the low side with an off the shelf kit. I also have a Bentley's manual that states that only the high side can be charged with a special machine. Who should I trust?

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    Hi duke,

    Well, both sources are correct, if you rearrange your wording a little. The system can be charged on the high side, but only with a professional-grade recharging machine. This machine charges through the high side, with the engine not running.

    The way the Haynes manual describes the charging procedure is with a consumer grade charging kit, through the low side, with the engine running. NEVER try to hook up a charging hose and a can of refrigerant to the high side and charge the system with the engine running - the can of refrigerant could explode! That's why the high side fitting is different.

    Hope this helps.

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