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    I purchased a haynes manual for my 1998 isuzu rodeo and am trying to put a timing belt on I have every thing done but taking the crankshaft pully off and I am having trouble. I am pulling on the crank bolt pretty hard and it does not move I am wondering if I should be turning clockwise or counter clockwise to break it loose.Can you help. It is a 3.2 engine

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    Hi barber1,

    Normally we will indicate when a fastener has left-hand threads. As you can see by the photographs, we actually perform these procedures in our shop, so if the factory service manual doesn't specify that a fastener has a left-hand thread, we'll find out on our own. This leads me to believe that your crank pulley bolt has normal, right-hand threads.

    The crank pulley bolt can be very tight. We recently had a Honda Pilot in our shop, and when we removed the crank pulley bolt I though our 2-ft. long breaker bar was going to break! Our pneumatic impact wrench wouldn't even take it off. We also found it necessary to wedge a large screwdriver in the driveplate ring gear teeth because of the force required to break the bolt loose. Persistence paid off and it finally came loose with a sudden crack!

    That's another thing - be careful, and make sure you're pulling on the wrench, not pushing on it. You might want to try soaking the bolt with penetrating oil and letting it sit for awhile, then try loosening it again.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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