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Thread: 01 chevy impala crossover pipe

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    Default 01 chevy impala crossover pipe

    On our 01 we had to replace the thermostat(3.4L). Had to remove cross over exhaust pipe. On the flange of cross over pipe,there is 3 holes for the studs to go through and on the outside edge there is a cut out like a half moon. I should of look to see where they were when I took it off. Does it matter where they go when you bolt up the cross over pipe? Does it show in the Haynes manual? Thank-You.

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    penstar4ever - Sorry we don't have an exact way to tell you how it should be. The flange can go on three different ways the cut out allows for better access when installing the pipe. You will have to do it the old fashion way trial and error. Place the pipe on and rotate the flange to see which way it fits the best, usually once you put it become clear where the cut out should go.

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