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Thread: 2002 Grand Am key won't turn

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    Default 2002 Grand Am key won't turn

    I have a 2002 Grand Am that will not allow me to turn the key. Also the steering is not locked. I have disassembled the dash so that I can get to the key lock cylinder. I found out the part costs $200. So I want to be sure that is the problem. I just find it strange that the steering is not locked. Thank you for your help.

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    The steering column is really complicated on your vehicle. With the column covers removed you can remove the key assembly by inserting a pin or small punch into the hole located on the bottom half of the column below the key cylinder. With the pin depressed, rotate the key to the ACC position - this will release the key assembly. If your key will not rotate you can't release the key cylinder. At that point it would be best to call a lock smith to come out and have them remove the assembly.

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