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Thread: 2001 mercury cougar

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    Default 2001 mercury cougar

    sorry i dont have a manuel on this car. I need to know how to get the wheel off the car. i dont know if it has a lock or what. i had a blow out this morning. if you could help i would appreciate it thanks. 2001 mercury cougar

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    Hello hagar55,

    Some cars (usually one with special wheels) have wheel locks. If yours does it will be very obvious, since one lug nut on each wheel will be different. To get these off you need a "key" that fits onto the special lug nut. The key is usually kept in the glove box or in the spare tire well.

    Some cars have decorative plastic covers on the lug nuts that have to be removed before loosening the nuts. Whether or not yours does, I don't know.

    If there are no wheel locks, all you need is a wrench to fit the lug nuts. This wrench is stored with the spare tire.

    Your owner's manual will tell you everything you need to know about changing a tire. If you still have trouble, I suggest you call a tow truck (or a friend) to do it for you.

    Good luck.

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