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Thread: relieve valve for pontiac grandam

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    Question relieve valve for pontiac grandam

    i cannot find the relieve valve on my car. i am trying to put the serpentine belt on, i put it on but it will not go around the alternator.i am getting confused and frustrated trying to figure it out.

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    Hi KyeshaJackson33,

    I'm not sure what engine your car has and what year it is, but I'm guessing you are trying to get the serpentine belt to fit onto the drive pulleys. You have a spring-loaded tensioner that must be retracted by putting a wrench or socket/breaker bar over the hex head in the center of the tensioner pulley and using the wrench or breaker bar to lever the tensioner toward the center of the engine. You can tell which pulley is the tensioner pulley, since it is attached to a short arm instead of a component such as an alternator.

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