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Thread: 2001 Taurus SEL 24V DOHC replacing the thermostat

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    Default 2001 Taurus SEL 24V DOHC replacing the thermostat

    The Haynes manual I currently have covers 96-01 and does not indicate the location of the thermostat. I noticed the same manual number now covers to 2005. does the new manual show or describe the location. Perhaps I should get a new manual from my local parts house. Anyway, if you can direct me to the proper location I already have purchased the thermostat, O-ring and new coolant.



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    Default I found it!

    I finally broke down and called the dealers parts counter here in lakeland, fl and the parts dude was happy to tell me the location. I assumed that's where it was; in-line between the upper radiator hose and the molded hose which looks more like musical instrument than a cooling hose....This is probably the most complicated cooling system I have ever seen. Anyway, for those of you who dare to tackle this "simple" task. I have outlined the procedure I went through to replace the thermostat and O-ring seal.

    1. disconnect the battery terminals
    2. remove the battery (do not place on ground or on concrete floor)
    3. remove the four bolts holding the battery tray to the chassis and remove the battery tray.
    4. remove the small bolt 8mm head which attaches the rigid metal return coolant tube to the engine head. This rigid metal return coolant tube that runs in front of the engine between the radiator fans and motor. It's black about 1 1/4 inch dia. with a smaller 1/4" dia metal tube which is attached to the larger tube.
    5. remove the small hose clamp that at the end of the 1/4" rigid return coolant line. It attached to a small coolant hose that is molded to a larger coolant hose above the thermostat housing.
    6. remove the large hose clamp between the molded upper hose above the thermostat housing. this hose runs above and parallel to hose and thermostat housing.
    7. use a wire(s) to hold the hoses out of your way. this will also reduce the amount of coolant loss.
    8. remove the large clamp from the hose that attaches to the thermostat housing and use a wire to hold that hose and the large rigid tube out of your wa.
    9. remove the two 8mm bolts from the thermostat housing and remove the housing cover.
    10. remove the O-ring with a small screw driver and discard.
    11. Use a screw driver to pry out the thermostat and discard.
    12. Make sure when you install the new thermostat and O-ring you install the thermostat with the O-ring on the front facing the housing cover. If you place the O-ring behind the thermostat it WILL LEAK!
    13. replace the two 8mm bolts and tighten.
    14. reconnect the hoses and hose clamps.
    15. replace the 8mm bolt attaching the rigid coolant line to the engine.
    16. replace the battery tray and battery.
    17 connect the battery terminals
    18. re-fill the cooland resvoir with coolant to the cool fill line.
    19. with the coolant resevoir cap OFF, run the engine with the heat on for several minutes to make sure you get all the air out of the system.
    20. observe the coolant level and add more coolant as indicated by the warm fill line on the resevoir.
    21. replace the resevoir cap.
    22. clean up and get yourself a nice cold beer you deserve it DUDE!

    I've turned a few wrench in my day.. it took me approx. 1 hour the thermostat , O-ring and 1 gallon of coolant cost about $20.00

    Let me know if anyone need help with this I would be glad to help you out.

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    rgilliland - Thanks for the information we will pass it on to our editorial department.

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