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Thread: 2001 Stratus 2.4L SOHC crank pulley removal

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    Default 2001 Stratus 2.4L SOHC crank pulley removal

    I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus, on page 2A-15 of the Haynes Manual, it doesn't show how to remove a crankshaft pulley from a 2.4L SOHC engine. I removed four bolts, but it looks like a roll pin is installed. Do I knock it through or back and how do I pry this pulley off?

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    f1062512 - The pulley is only held on by the four bolts. The crankshaft damper is held on by the center bolt. The damper should slide off once the bolt is removed. if not, use a puller that attaches to the hub of the damper.

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