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Thread: can you help with my 1988 saab

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    Default can you help with my 1988 saab

    Im working on a 1988 sabb 900 and have tried everything in the book and checked and double checked evrything seems fine,but it will not fire it cranks but wont fire.It was in a reck at some point before i bought it and hasnt ran since, are there a panic button on this car like the new ones that woul not allow it to fire. the distributor cap and button looks fine ,changed computers,checked key switch thinking maybe there could be a ground in it havent found anything there yet, was wondering if it was stuck kindda of between gears would it do this ? any other suggestions please feel free to yeal. thanks.

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    rebel90 -

    Before you start throwing parts at your Saab, do some diagnosis. First check for spark (Chapter 4, Section 11). If you have spark, then make sure the fuel pump is working (see Chapter 3). This will help you travel down the right diagnostic path and eliminate much guesswork.

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