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Thread: 1988 gmc 1500 5.0 5sp man carburated

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    Question 1988 gmc 1500 5.0 5sp man carburated

    Hoping someone can shine some light on my issue because I'm stumped. I have a 1988 gmc truck that im fixing up.. and right now im whats happening when in gear I ping that sounds like its coming from the carb. at first it was happening even while in neutral but i replaced the carb with a brand new one and now its only happening while in gear and as i rev the engine to move the pinging go faster. but i soon as i put it into neautral the pinging stops.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks guys!,


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    Hi Ned1208,

    As you can imagine, there's no way we can diagnose a sound from a remote location. Carburetors don't make noise (except for the sound of air being sucked into the engine), so I'm pretty confident it isn't your carburetor. Does the noise happen with the air filter housing removed? If not, maybe it's the filter housing. Sound can "travel," which makes locating noises difficult at times. Make sure nothing on the engine or exhaust system is grounding out on the frame or anything else in the engine compartment.

    Is the engine backfiring through the carburetor? If that's the case, check the timing. If the ignition timing is OK, the timing chain might be worn out. Is the pinging sound rhythmic as to engine speed? Try using an automotive stethoscope along the valve cover and intake manifold to see if the noise is coming from the valvetrain.

    Good luck with that noise!

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