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Thread: Blower Fan Control Module

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    Default Blower Fan Control Module

    We have a 1994 Buick Lasaber... Fan blower would not turn off...Replaced
    relay on firewall... Blower still runs...well, until I had time to work on it, we
    have been unpluging the blower.....It quit! Found used dashboard control unit, no blower. I thought it was the blower, but it works if you put 12v to it. A volt meter shows 1.6 volts at the plug.
    Some manuals show a BLOWER FAN CONTROL MODULE? Can I look somewhere
    else? Help!


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    Hi carter,

    Email one of our tech service reps at [email]research@haynes.com[/email] and they'll see what they can do to help. Give them all the specifics of your vehicle and what Haynes manual you're using.

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