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Thread: Problems with 1988 Sabb 900 Turbo

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    Default Problems with 1988 Sabb 900 Turbo

    i have a 1988 saab 900 turbo, i have the haynes manual for it too. my problem is that every once and a while my car will not start. it will just turn with the starter. i have checked to see that the spark plugs are sparking and they are. i then checked the fuel line and i found that no fuel was getting to the engine. i checked the fuel pump in the gas tank and it was not turning on. i took out all the dash board because the wiring scematic says that the relay for the fuel pump is there. i found on the right side of the cab under the dash board. i ran a line from the battery to the fuel pump line at the fuel pump and then used a multi meter at the relay to make sure it was the right one. the line to the pump and the line from the fuse and to the battery are all good. when i turn the key the relay does not click when it should. i am trying to trace the lines in the wiring schematic but i am having trouble finding where the brown-white line goes. i see that the violet line to the electronic unit for the fuel injection goes straight to the unit from the relay. in the car i am having trouble tracing that line back to the unit, even though it is just under the relay. can anyone help me with some ideas of why the relay would not be working? could it be that electronic controll unit for the fuel injection? or does the ignition switch seem more likely? if so can you help me trace the line from the relay to the switch? PLEASE HELP

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    N.O.S.O. - Its sounds like the relay is bad or possibly the pump has had it. If you contact our research deaprtment they can provide you some additional information. Contact them at [EMAIL="research@haynes.com"]research@haynes.com[/EMAIL]

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    thank you very much i will try to contact the research dept.

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