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Thread: honda XL 185s

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    Question honda XL 185s

    Could anyone shed some light on how to replace the camshaft dive sprocket [on crankshaft] as there appears to be no keyway to align cam timing ,also is sprocket a shrink fit to crankshaft .

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    Hi rod -

    The timing sprocket on the crank is a press-fit on the crankshaft and will require a puller to get it off. There is no keyway. When reinstalling the sprocket, try to align one of the sprocket's teeth with the keyway for the rotor. This is explained (and shown) on pages 53 and 54 of Haynes manual no. 566.

    Before installing the sprocket, put the crank in the freezer for a couple of hours, then heat up the sprocket for a few minutes in an oven set to about 250 degrees.

    Hope this helps.

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