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Thread: 94 Buick cuts off while driving!

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    Exclamation 94 Buick cuts off while driving!

    94 Buick cuts off either while I'm driving, or wont start up sometimes after I drove it for a while. I got the ignition module replaced, I got a new computer brain, and I got the cam and crank sensor replaced. Its still cuts off. The security light does not come on when I am trying to start it up. Any suggestions as to why it cuts off? Thank you

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    antoniowalker1 - Well you need to start with the basics. What have you lost when it stops. Fuel or spark? If it s fuel chack for pump operation look in Chapter 4 of your Haynes manual for that. If its spark, look in Chapter 5.
    You have replaced a lot of the iginition system already. You may want to look at the wiring or connector to these items you have already replaced you could have a bad connection.

    Also, is your Check Engine light on? If so, you'll want to pull the trouble codes, as they will help you with diagnosis.

    Thank you for your interest in Haynes manuals!

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