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Thread: Possible incorrect torque specification 2003 Honda Accord

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    Unhappy Possible incorrect torque specification 2003 Honda Accord

    I think the torque specification of 80 foot-pounds listed on page 9-1 of the Honda Accord 2003-2005 manual for the caliper mounting bracket bolts may be incorrect. I just attempted to tighen these bolts on on of my Accord's rear calipers and I believe the threads started to strip. In hindsite, the size of the bolt appears to be too small to support such a large torque. Have there been similar complaints? Also, could you please verify that the 80 Ft-lbs listed is correct? I used two different torque wrenches with the same result.


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    Hi blk2598,

    Contact one of our tech service reps at [***]www.research@haynes.com[/***] - they'll be able to assist you.

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