Hello Haynes! I recently aquired a base model 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4cyl. with auto. tranny from my dad who purchased the truck brand new! Truck now has 110,700 miles on it. The one annnoying thing about it is that it only came with 2-speed winshield wipers. Well I did some online research and found out that it's apparently not at all uncommon for these trucks to come without intermittent wipers.Through my online research I also found out that it can easily be upraded by replacing the switch on the steering column with one that has the intermittent feature, which is what I did. I purchased one from a local wrecking yard out of a '98 Toyota Camry! I just want to tell anyone with these trucks that's interested in making this upgade that I found out that wiper switches from a '97-'01 Camry will fit '98 & up Tacomas, also Carolla, and 4-Runner.