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Thread: 2001 Ford Escape XLS 4WD

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    Default 2001 Ford Escape XLS 4WD

    I was getting ready to install new rear shocks on my 01 Escape when the first thing I noticed was that there is a rubber bump stop inside the coil spring. When I say inside I mean that it is just laying there inside the spring. It is supposed to be attached up high to the body someway. The other side is still attached but I can't really see how it is attached. This stop is supposed to be a damper to keep the swing arm or trailing arm which ever you would call it from bottoming out. Can this be replaced fairly easy or is it a major job to do? I find the stop for sale but nothing in the way of instruction on replacing it. My online manual tells how to remove the spring but nothing there about the bump stop at all although it does show it in the view of the coil spring. Any info from anyone would be helpful.

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    Hi topgeye,

    I looked in the Ford Escape factory service manual and that bump stop is not mentioned, but generally they are attached to the frame with a bolt that goes through the center. Maybe the stop broke and the bolt/washer is still in place.

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