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Thread: Question about buying an '87 Ford F250

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    Default Question about buying an '87 Ford F250

    Hello, I guess this right place for this question. I need to buy a good used pickup (preferably a Ford) and my pastor's son has one I'm considering. It's an 87 Ford F250 extended cab with a 5.8l engine and an automatic trans. It has 98,000 actual miles on it! When the son bought this truck a couple of years ago it was sitting in a barn (I don't know for how long though). My pastor said it needs a new solenoid switch and it also has an oil leak (which he thinks is comming from the oil pan gasket). My question is would this be a good buy? Any thoughts would be welcome. My pastor is not particularly keen on selling the truck to someone he knows because the old saying "you don't do business with family/friends" but it's his son's truck. I would have a mechanic look it over just to be safe. Please help any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention he's asking $2300 for it. Is this a good buy?

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    I was talking to the son about this truck today and I was wrong about the year model, he said it's an '88 Ford F250 not an '87. Which means it is electronic fuel injected. It's in need of about $600 worth of repairs; still doesn't sound too bad though. What do y'all think; any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, if it looks like it's in decent shape. Also, it sounds like a pretty safe bet that you know the guy selling it won't be trying to hide anything!

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    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking myself. I'm thinking about asking him about having a professional technician to look it over first (at my expense) to hopefully ease his mind about selling it to someone he knows. He's concerned about selling it to me because of one or two minor mechanical issues that it has because as he says about the old saying " you don't do business with family or friends ". I think he's just concerned that I may hold him or his son responsibe if anything goes wrong with it, which I won't because it is an older truck after all.

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    Well, unfortunately I was unable to buy this truck; he said some guy who lives in his neighborhood that he doesn't know bought it. These folks just weren't interested in selling it to a friend like me; the son said the man that bought it had to do about $600-$700 worth of repairs to it. He just didn't want me to buy it because of the repairs it needed.

    Well maybe better luck next time. I know the right truck is out there for me I just have to take my time and look for it.

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