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Thread: Jack stand placement for lifting 5th generation Dodge Caravan

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    Default Jack stand placement for lifting 5th generation Dodge Caravan

    Hey all,

    Firstly, I'm new to doing car work and your manual has been a godsend to me, and saved me hundreds of dollars. I replaced my intake manifold gasket on my own and the car still runs, my thermostat and done a myriad of routine maintenance.

    There's one thing that isn't really covered though that makes me super uncomfortable (due to my lack of knowledge). Jackstand placement. I know of the 4 hoist points for placing my hydraulic jack, but what is a safe place to place the jack stands themselves? The pinch welds don't seem very significant. Some people have suggested the axle tube near the wheel (around where the spring connects) for the rear, and the suspension cradle bolts for the front end. I'm an electrician on a submarine, and I feel like i'm pretty mechanically inclined. Just afraid of toying around with, and damaging my wife's primary vehicle. (lose a little confidence when you play with your own money lol)

    I'm very open to suggestions...

    Thank you!


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    Hi Phil,

    The rear axle tube is a good spot (unless you're going to be doing something with the rear suspension). On the front, place the jackstands under the unibody rail-type structures right behind the front subframe.

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