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Thread: 2010 Chev Malibu Rear Window Defogger

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    Default 2010 Chev Malibu Rear Window Defogger

    Contact came off glass Left Rear Connection. Reconnected with the Rear Window Defogger Glue which is supposed to transmit electricity. 14 Volts at the contact but looks like 5 volts or .5 Volts in the Grid. Is this normal? Fix for it? Relay and fuses seem to be in place and working.

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    Hi dfmatty,

    Voltage drop is normal on those grids. In fact, if it indicated battery voltage (or close to it), it would indicate a break in the grid between the power side and the ground side. Check out the "Rear window defogger - check and repair" in Chapter 12 of your Haynes manual; it explains how it should work.

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