I'm working on a 1997 Club Wagon. The ignition switch turned all the way around and started the other day. When I went to turn it off the ignition switch wouldn't turn the van engine of, or any of the accessories. I took the key switch tumbler out of the of the hole its in. The white piece with the gear on it was all the way down in the aluminum steering shaft column. I think something broke down inside the slot where the two plastic pieces in gauge the starter motor. I removed the lower switch on the column and the pin that sticks up into the white plastic piece is fine. I ordered parts for inside the steering column, but can't figure out how to remove them from the steering colum. I have manuals #36094 and #36058 but neither of them goes that indepht on how to replace the two plastic piece inside the colum. Could someone explain and/or send me to a page so maybe I could look at the disgram and figure out how to remove them? Thanks