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Thread: Hooking Up Power Mirror Wires (2000 Ford E150)

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    Default Hooking Up Power Mirror Wires (2000 Ford E150)

    Haynes manual (#36094 11:19)

    I was able to get the mirror dismounted and remounted, but am having trouble reconnecting the wiring.

    The connection is inside the door, behind the metal. I've removed the inside door panel. The only way I can see to access the connection housing is via a square hole, about 1.5" by 1.5" & directly to the left of the connector (which also holds one of the door panel clips).

    I was able to poke one finger in and disconnect the old wiring, but I've been unable to connect the new wires. Besides for being difficult to hold the mirror wire with one finger, the car end of the connector itself has some wriggle room, and won't stay in place while I try to push the mirror end at it.

    3 possibilities:

    1) People who attach these things are a lot more dextrous than me.
    2) There's some other way to access the connection.
    3) There are special tools which are used for this purpose.

    Please let me know which it is, and if #2 or #3, what these are

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    Hi F-P,

    On some models you have to remove the door speaker for access to the connector. It should be right in the vicinity of the speaker opening.

    Give it a shot - I hope it works!

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