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Thread: need a code manual for a '93 Ford F150

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    Default need a code manual for a '93 Ford F150

    Hello Haynes,
    What is the code manual for my '93 Ford F150? I have a scanner for both obd 1 & 2 vehicles but I don't have the manual for the codes. Also, what is the proper procedure for pulling up the codes? If I'm not mistaken I think I need to pull up the codes then erase them, then drive the vehicle until the check engine light comes on again, then pull up the codes again and see which ones pop up and look them up in the manual and trace down the problem from there. Is this the correct procedure? My check engine just came on today is the reason I'm asking.


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    Hi cowboy,

    The Haynes manual for your truck (36058) has the trouble codes. See Chapter 4, Section 14. There is also more information in Chapter 6, Section 9 relating to emissions system trouble codes.

    Once you have obtained the code(s), you can try erasing them and see if they come back. However, codes usually get set for a good reason and will come back.

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    Hello Haynes,
    OK, I will obtain the manual you're talking about and also look up chapter 4 section 14 and chapter 6 section 9 as well. I was just remebering that a mechanic friend of mine once told that it's a good idea to erase the codes the first time you pull them up, because you could some old trouble codes still in the onboard computer, then drive the vehicle until the check engine light comes on again then pull up the codes again to see which ones reappear.
    I'll remember what you said though.
    Thanks for your help,

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    Hello again Haynes,
    I just wanted to make one guick reply. After navigating away from this website after my previous reply I went a couple parts stores' websites and both of them have a Haynes code manual but the part # is 10205 it's titled Haynes Automotive Codes. Is this same manual as the #36058 that you mentioned? It was the only one that either parts store had on their website.

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    Excuse me, that title was Haynes Automotive Computer Codes.

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    Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood what you meant, I didn't realize that #36058 was the number of the repair manual that I already have, my apologies. Kind of makes me feel like a real idiot. I looked up the chapters and sections you mentioned last night, I will be getting on this problem in the next week or so. Thanks for all your help!

    Thanks again,

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