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Thread: '93 Ford F150; update on rubbing noise

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    Default '93 Ford F150; update on rubbing noise

    Hello Haynes, just wanted to update y'all on the the rubbing noise I posted about last week. This past Saturday I pulled the front wheels off and found the problem. As soon as I pulled the left front wheel off I saw right away what the problem was, the bottom slider on the brake caliper had come completely out, I mean it was just gone! The wheel was rubbing on the caliper. I went to the parts store and purchased new ones and put one of them in and so far so good haven't had anymore problems with the noise. Also, I noticed the dust cap on the right front hub had fallen off somewhere along the way as well. I purchased a new one and put it on. I do have one question for you on that matter. I don't know haw long that dust cap had been off, so do I need to repack the inner and outer wheel bearings? If so do I need to replace the wheel seal on the back of the rotor? The bearings are not making any noise or anything.

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    Hi cowboy,

    Glad you found the problem. Major safety issue!!

    As far as the wheel bearings, yes it would be a very good idea to take them out, clean and inspect them, then repack with new grease. Who knows what kind of dust, dirt and grit may have gotten in there. Also, it's always a good idea to replace the the seal after removing it.

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    Hello Haynes,
    Okay I figured you'd probably recommend doing that so I'll take care of it as soon as possible. I have a wheel bearing packer that'll make short work of it, just place the bearings in the packer full of grease and press down on the piston until the grease comes out and you're good to go.

    I just pulled the wheels off again tonight to check to see if the slider and the dust cap are still on and they are.
    Thanks for your help,

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