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Thread: '02 Chevy Impala Radiator Fan Relay Test

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    Default '02 Chevy Impala Radiator Fan Relay Test

    I performed the tests in the manual, but still am not sure if the relays are bad or not. All three of them failed according to the test in the manual. Is there a better way to test them? I am speaking of the relays under the hood in the fuse box. I can make the fans blow manually, but they are not coming on automatically. I do have power behind the relays.


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    Hi renvette,

    That relay check is a good check, as long as its the type of relay with the schematic printed on it (and it is used correctly). It's unlikely that all three relays are bad, and you have power to them, so there are other possibilities. The fact that you can make the fans work means that the fan motor ground circuit is ok (unless you're bypassing it with a jumper wire; if you're doing that, check the continuity of the ground circuit to see if it's ok). The other possibility is that the PCM isn't grounding the relay(s), but two of the relays are connected to one ground circuit and the other one is on a different ground circuit (through the PCM). Are there any trouble codes stored?
    If you give one of our tech service reps a call at 1-800-442 9637, they can supply you with a cooling fan-specific diagram your your model year.

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