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Thread: 06 Equinox wiring

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    Default 06 Equinox wiring

    I know that most wiring diagrams are going to be generic and not include all options. But on the Equinox wiring diagram for the 2005-2006 for the radio, there are more wires on the unit than in your diagram. The speaker wires are correct but there are three more in the main harness that are unidentified. One is orange, one is purple, and one is green. If anyone can tell me what these wires are for would be appreciated.

    This model does not have an XM receiver or ONSTAR, or the subwoofer and amp.

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    Hi superb,

    Call one of our tech service reps at 1-800-442-9637. They will be able to get you a diagram for your specific model year. Be sure to let them know the trim level of your vehicle (LT, LS, etc.).

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